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The democratic experience

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The political project

The democratic experience is a large scale project of direct democracy. It aims at providing the tools to facilitate the expression of all citizens, to transform this expression into decisions, and to apply this decision.

In the democratic experience, each participant can submit a vote subject, propose answers, and vote. All winning answers to the votes are gathered into a database that represents the common position of the group. This common position can be used to drive decisions.

Thus, the democratic experience is a complete and open tool for direct democracy. It can apply to small groups of people (associations, companies) but also to larger groups (countries, the planet!). To learn more about it, read the Description.

Demexp software

The tool developped by the project is the demexp software. It consists in a voting server and a client that allows the users to submit quesions, candidate answers, and to vote using Condorcet method.

Wikis of the project


Demexp won an award at the “Trophées du Libre” end 2006.


We are looking for funding to pay developpers, in order to accelerate the development of the demexp software. You can make donations here

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